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G&G Charters ® , Hardyville, VA 23070
        Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay 
"Karen Lynn"
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Charter a day-long fishing trip on the 43' workboat-style deadrise "KAREN LYNN" out of Locklies Creek in Topping, Va  and CHESAPEAKE COVE MARINA in Deltaville. Up to six can fish for $330.00 for bottom fishing (bait not included), $600.00 for "ROCKFISH" (bait, mate and tackle included).  Catch SPOT, CROAKER, SEA MULLET, BLUEFISH, TROUT and "ROCKFISH"(STRIPED BASS). Bring your gear or use ours. Kids are welcome.  Restaurants and lodging nearby, very close to the Hummel Airport.  Reserve your day by calling  Capt. Puddin' at (804) 832-3847 or emailing captpuddin@hotmail.com. G & G Charters is licensed and insured . 

The Karen Lynn is a custom-built Chesapeake Bay Deadrise built in 1981 by Grover Lee Owens in Deltaville, Va. Originally named Michael C., she was operated by Locklies Creek and Rappahanock River veteran Dall Cooke for 29 years. Capt. Puddin proudly carries on the same tradition of safe, fun, country-style family fishing. Powered by a dependable 3116 300hp Cat Marine Diesel, the Karen Lynn is economical and comfortable. A full awning protects from the sun and keeps you out of the rain.

​               Rappahannock and Chesapeake Bay

                           FISHING REPORT

             We are now booking "ROCKFISH"           
                    STRIPED BASS Charters!
        The fishing is improving, water temps are   
        where we need them. After the last couple           weeks this great news. Lots of bait in the            river and the bay with loads of fish that are              starting to bite more regularly.  
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